First Aid For Horses
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What to do before the vet comes!

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What To Do Before The Vet Comes.  This tool is designed to help horse owners identify Emergency Symptoms, determine the severity of the situation and communicate this more clearly with their veterinarian.

Who Is This App For?

Anyone who is responsible for the health and well-being of a horse will find this app useful.
Information included in the First Aid for Horses App:

Emergency Symptoms for: Allergic Reaction, Colic, Decreased Appetite, Eye Trauma, Major Wounds, Minor Wounds, Nasal Discharge, Sudden Lameness, Swollen Leg and When to Call the Vet!

Step by step How To:

Guide for assembling and using your First Aid Kit - divided into these categories

Listing of Normal Vital Signs

Tips and warnings for health and well-being of your horse

Why this App:

The idea for this app came after a weekend when not one but two young 4-H members each separately realized something was wrong with their individual horses.  Neither of them had the information or vocabulary to clearly express the severity of the problem to their different veterinarians’ office staff.  In both cases their horses died, because the vet did not come in time to save either horse.

In both cases the horses could have lived had their young owners had the proper tools to realize they were facing an emergency and understand the importance of expressing the correct information to their veterinarians.

You May Be Saving Your Horse’s Life by taking your ailing horse’s vital signs.  With this information your veterinarian will know whether you are facing an emergency and determine if they are coming right away, or the next day.  The heart rate is a linchpin to your horse’s health.  Stoic animals sometimes hide their symptoms. Knowing your horse’s normal heart rate as well as how to take his current heart rate could save his life.  Through the First Aid for Horses app, you now can have this information at your fingertips.

About the Author:

June Pedersen has a BS degree in Animal Science with a strong emphasis on nutrition and biomechanics. She has over 44 years of professional horse experience which has included over 22 years of owning a boarding, training and breeding farm.  She has been rehabbing horses for 35 years. In the course of the rehabilitation process she has handled a wide variety of medical issues.  June works closely with her veterinarians and has developed excellent equine nursing skills and procedures.


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